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AI in Healthcare: Understanding the Basics and Real-World Applications

With the recent emergence of ChatGPT and other AI-powered tools, the focus on using these tools in healthcare has increased. That’s not a problem if you’re a data scientist, but where do you start if you’re unfamiliar with how artificial intelligence and machine learning might impact your work? This post aims to provide a very brief, high-level overview of AI, with examples of how they might help in healthcare.  

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Do ASCs need to optimize block time?

We know that hospitals rely on operating rooms to deliver the majority of their revenues and margin and that OR time sitting idle represents a significant opportunity cost. As such, hospitals use tools like Copient Health to optimize the use of valuable OR time.  Do ASCs share a similar dynamic? Might an ASC benefit from a tool to optimize the use of OR time?

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Block Utilization Issues: Why They Matter and What to Do About Them

It's a recurring theme we hear at nearly every hospital. Surgeons distrust - or actively refute the accuracy of - reported utilization statistics. Do they have good reason for this doubt? Regardless, hospitals continue to rely heavily on utilization statistics when making decisions about allocating block time. Is this a sensible thing for hospitals to do? What are the implications?

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ASCs and the Prisoner's Dilemma

You may have heard of the Prisoner's Dilemma before.  In case you haven't, here's a brief summary:  It describes a scenario where individual decision-makers have an incentive to make decisions that aren't in the best interest of the group.  The typical example involves two criminal partners recently arrested and interrogated separately.  The interrogator is trying to get each prisoner to testify against the other, with the prospect of going free for the testimony.  If both criminals remain silent, the police have no evidence and can't prosecute them - both go free.  If one testifies, they go free while the other goes to jail. If both agree to testify, they both go to jail.

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